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About Us

Our Excitement is Building

Our ambition is to create much more than a house. We strive to create exceptional spaces, stylish environments and communities where families will thrive.

As part of Peel L&P, we’re passionate about our heritage in the North and proud to be part of a company responsible for some of the most transformational development projects in the UK today.

At Northstone we innovate, adapt and regenerate, moving forward and pioneering, learning from our history and shaping the future of how we live.

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We Are Northstone

A new homebuilder based in the North with a mission to create exceptional vibrant places and homes for modern life & vibrant living

Today, tomorrow and for future generations

Our Family

Family Always Starts At Home

We may appear to be a new home builder but we’re part of Peel L&P, a family business that has been transforming places and people’s lives, particularly in the North of England for over 40 years.

Peel L&P is one of the region’s leading regeneration businesses and its ‘realising possibility’ approach spans a diverse property portfolio including infrastructure, transport, real estate, ports, airports, canals, shopping centres, tv/film studios, offices and industry.

This remarkable story began in the North of England which is symbolic to the Northstone brand and a nod to the stone used to build the historic Peel Tower in Bury, part of The Peel Group's Lancashire heartland.

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