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Advantages of buying a
new home from Northstone

Help to Buy - upto £224,000

Everything is brand new

Choice – Plot location, Kitchens & Lounge Switch, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bathroom Tiling and Flooring

The Huddle Team are there to assist from reservation through to completion

Guarantees Appliance guarantees, NHBC Build cover & builder cover for 2 years

You have a blank canvas to create your perfect home

The stages of buying

How much can I borrow – things to do/consider
  • The necessary bit, knowing how much you can borrow makes it easier when looking fora new home.

  • Check your credit rating, just in case something crops up from your distant past.

  • Speak to a financial advisor, they will advise you on what you will be able to borrow and how much deposit you will need to save, we can help point you in the right direction and recommend an FA to help you.

  • You’ll need to bear in mind there are other costs involved such as solicitor fees, stamp duty and removal fees.

Choose your new digs – which house?
  • The exciting bit, once you know what you can afford our sales team can assist in showing you which homes fit your lifestyle and budget.

  • Once you have decided which house is going to be your home you pay £500 reservation fee which is fully refundable. Your home is now off the market you can relax, now it’s time to choose a solicitor who will help you with your purchase, we have some we know who you can speak to or you could use your own.

  • If you are using Help to Buy you’ll need to apply online and some of the information required will be on your Northstone reservation form. You can find the Help to Buy application form here.

  • Dependant on the build stage of your home it is time to choose your personal choices such as colour choices of kitchen and bathroom. You can also personalise your home further with upgrade options which we can explain and help you with.

The nitty gritty legal/money stuff – it gets serious
  • Northstone have all your details from the reservation form these are passed onto our solicitor who will raise contracts and send them to your solicitor, this normally takes around 48 hours after reservation.

  • Your solicitor will request proof of ID and address, read through the contracts and raise any queries and apply for local searches.

  • If you are taking advantage of the help to buy scheme you’ll need to have your mortgage offer in place before you can exchange you should also receive an ATC reference number which means ‘Authority to Proceed’ from the Help to Buy scheme.

  • Once your solicitor has everything they need, they’ll request your deposit monies which is 10% of the value of your property (5% on Help to Buy) and your signature ready for exchange of contracts. Once you’ve exchangedthis means we’re legally contracted and the house is almost your new home.

  • Your Financial Advisor will apply for your mortgage, the lender will send out a surveyor to make sure we’re building what we say we are and then report back with a written valuation to your lender

Move in – very exciting !
  • Our sales team will give you regular updates on your new home andwhen we’re ready to hand it over, our solicitor will serve notice and you are then allowed 14 days to complete, this means you can complete day 1 or up to day 14. Your solicitor will request the funds from your mortgage provider at this point although this can take a couple of days

  • Don’t forget you’ll need to book your removals and new furniture deliveries in advance of the completion date.

  • Contracts complete, it is all yours; once your money arrives with our solicitor this is when we can release the keys so you can start your life in your new home.

  • Our customer care and hand over manual will ensure your home is ready for you and you have all the information you need to live in your new home with instructions of how it all works, handy hints and useful contact numbers

Bits & Bobs
  • Your property is Freehold which means you own your home out right, your solicitor may explain this further.

  • There will be a service charge so we can ensure the landscaping, communal gardens and the signage will look lush in years to come. It’ll be a very small charge and once we’ve sold the last home on the development it’s up to the residents to decide and manage this.

  • Warranty – our homes have a 10 year NHBC warranty, you can read about at the NHBC website.

  • For more details on Help to Buy, you can see the Help to Buy website.