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Clever design and saving space: Introducing our lootility

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May 11, 2022

Making good use of space is so important in a home, and at Northstone, we make sure that every room is carefully thought out and intuitively designed to make your life easier. Enter the lootility, a clever space which came out of our Innovate lab that combines a downstairs loo with a utility room.

We believe your home should work for you. Each and every room should benefit you and your family, even the ones you don’t spend much time in.

When thinking about the design of our homes, our design director Richard and his team spent a lot of time considering the purpose of each room and how they can be designed to improve the lives of our residents and create a relaxing environment that maximises space.

If our homes are supposed to make us feel relaxed, where should the laundry room – which is not necessarily a space built for relaxing – sit?

Our team came up with the solution of our lootility, a feature unique to Northstone homes. We removed the washing machine and tumble dryer from the kitchen, where they often live, and popped them within a downstairs loo. This way, the kitchen becomes a space purely focused on cooking and entertaining for the family and guests.  It also creates a separate place for you to do the laundry, that doesn’t take up additional space in the home.

You’ll find a lootility in the majority of our homes across Silkash, Keld and Airie. Sarah Mather, managing director at Interiors by Casa and the creative force behind our show homes at Keld, was inspired by our lootility, transforming it into a dog walking station in one of our show homes. Meanwhile, residents Matt and Emma opted to bring this space to life with a bold yellow floor.