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Interiors by Casa: Bringing the outside in

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March 08, 2022

We’ve recently been speaking to Sarah Mather, managing director at Interiors by Casa, who designed our twelve77 and thirteen70 show homes at Keld. She shares her top tips for creating a home you love to live in, focusing on bringing the outdoors inside.

Indoor plants are having their moment. With more of us turning to thoughtful touches to make a house a home, plants are an ideal way to help create a space that is your own.  Bringing the outdoors inside not only looks good but can make us feel good too. In fact, studies show that having plants in the house can boost our mood, reduce stress and purify our air.

Even with these benefits, some find it difficult to get started with plants. To help, here’s a few simple tips for bringing nature into your home…

Start easy

As a self-proclaimed plant killer, the first thing I look at when buying a plant is how easy it is to look after. Sure, there are some pieces which require a lot of work – which can be therapeutic – but there are many plants that are almost indestructible.

Starting with something low maintenance like a snake plant, a kentia palm or a cast iron plant can be a great way to ease you into indoor foliage. These require hardly any work – just remember to water them every so often and give them plenty of sunlight.

If that still feels like a tad too much responsibility, there are plenty of realistic-looking artificial plants out there. The same striking visual impact as real plants, with zero work!

Something in every room

Try to bring a connection to nature to every room in your home, and pick your plants based on a room’s purpose.

In the kitchen, buy some small herb pots to grow your own. It is much cheaper in the long run than buying bags of fresh herbs in a supermarket, and it saves plastic waste. It’ll bring a beautiful pop of green to your kitchen – plus there’s nothing better than fresh herbs to give your home cooking that professional touch...

Meanwhile in the bathroom, plants that thrive in humid environments are ideal. Ferns or eucalyptus work well here, and will create a zen, spa-like space that smells great for you to relax in.

It’s probably best to keep the kids’ room plant free – unless you want to spend your days clearing soil off the carpet. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring the outdoors in though. Shades of green on the walls and plenty of natural textures – think linens and cottons – will create a connection to nature through the house.

Don’t stop there!

If you’re hooked on plants, you can keep on upgrading your little ecosystem. Many companies now offer plant subscriptions, sending you something new every month to add to your indoor jungle. This is great for those among us who want a challenge and enjoy getting to know new plants. Alternatively, you can pop to your local florist for some inspiration – Fleur Couture in Barrowford is a go-to for me.

To see how Sarah has brought nature into our show homes at Keld, contact Glenn on 01282 917001 or book online here.