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Interiors by Casa: Creating stylish spaces for kids

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May 04, 2022

Sarah Mather is managing director at Interiors by Casa, the creative force behind the interior design of the show homes at our Keld community, Barrowford. Here, she shares her tips for decorating with kids and creating stylish, functional spaces for the little ones.

When I think about decorating family homes, my main goal is to create a space that celebrates the personality of the whole family. Kids bedrooms are a really important part of this, and you can have so much fun incorporating their quirks and interests – interior design that can be stylish, playful and expressive. Let’s take a look at the thirteen70 and twelve77 at Keld, and the design choices we’ve made for a family with young kids.

Decorate with your children, not for them

Make the most of your little one’s imagination and hobbies, and get them involved in the process. Take a look at the first bedroom in thirteen70, and the little girl’s love of dogs is clear. We celebrated this in carefully crafted ways, from the fun pawprint-style wallpaper, to the extra bed – perfect for sleepovers with her dog! By including kids in your design decisions, you’ll create a comfortable space that truly feels like home for them.

Blend your family’s tastes and personalities

Our homes can be spaces that combine different tastes and personalities without clashes, and children’s rooms don’t have to stand in contrast to your aesthetic. When you walk through thirteen70, you can see how we use colour palettes in each room that complement one another. Both girl’s bedrooms are unique in their own ways, but with shared elements to tie them together to the rest of the home. For example, the second bedroom has a pop-art style with bolder tones. However, a neutral base, hints of green and flashes of bright colours are thoughtfully weaved throughout each room. By piecing together the colour schemes seamlessly, it creates a sense of connectivity that is so important to the family home.

Go for decorative touches that can adapt as kids grow

Of course, as kids grow up, they will want the theme of their bedroom to change. Your teenager might find their six-year-old self’s love of bright pink or cars a little childish years later. Invest in durable, timeless furniture that can be used as transitional pieces as the décor changes. Think carefully about how each child will use their room and select furniture accordingly. You can see their bedroom as a blank canvas in this sense, ready to be reworked as they grow. As you can see in the boy’s room in twelve77, the stylish bunk bed is ideal for most ages – and is perfect for having friends over, creating a larger floor space for playing, and makes room for fun soft furnishings such as bean bags.

To find out more about the homes available at Keld, or to book a visit to see the show rooms, contact our sales executive Glenn on 01282 917001 or book online here.