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Meet our residents: Henry and Dinma

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November 01, 2021

There’s nothing better than helping a family find the perfect home, and we’re pleased to have welcomed so many families as our Silkash community has grown over the last 14 months.

Last year, we met Henry, a specialist biomedical scientist, who was searching for the perfect home for his wife, Dinma, and son, Gabriel, as they waited for their second child to arrive. As a growing family, it was time to move from their rented home in Salford and buy their first house, a larger space where they could all live comfortably and make more memories together.

When they started the search, Henry and Dinma didn’t know of Westhoughton, but after stumbling across a Rightmove advert, Silkash came onto their radar. When Henry visited the Northstone website, he was pleased to be able to chat to a member of the sales team straight away, instead of a chatbot. After speaking to them online, Senior Sales Manager Anita booked Henry and Dinma a viewing for two days later.

Arriving in Westhoughton, Henry and Dinma instantly loved the area. Not only was it easy to get to Henry’s workplace in Salford and Dinma’s in Leigh, it also had brilliant local amenities, with an Aldi near to Silkash and a primary school across the road for when Gabriel is old enough.

After first finding out about Northstone in November 2020, Henry and Dinma moved into their four-bedroom thirteen70 home in March 2021.

Henry said: “I’ll never forget the look on Dinma’s face when we viewed our home for the first time. We were both so excited and felt instantly that this was a place where we could happily bring up Gabriel and our new baby girl. Gabriel was equally excited, in fact, he cried when we had to go back to our old house to pack up as he didn’t want to leave our Northstone home!

“As first-time buyers, I initially felt a little overwhelmed. However, the team were so helpful and patient, giving us the support we needed and time to get to grips with all the details of our home. What I love most about the home is how we could be involved in the design to make sure it suited our lifestyle. While many might traditionally put the living room at the front, we chose to move it to the back to make more space for family life. Plus, we literally can’t get Gabriel out of the garden – he just loves it so much!"