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Meet our residents: Roberta and Tokyo

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July 19, 2021

We are so excited to see our Silkash community growing, and love welcoming new residents each and every week. Two of Silkash’s newest neighbours are Roberta, a 26-year-old field sales executive, and Tokyo, her blue and tan French Bulldog. 

After living in Manchester City Centre for four years, Roberta decided it was time for a change. Ready to take her first step on the property ladder, she began looking for the perfect home – prioritising a place still close to the city, but with plenty of space for Tokyo to run around. 

Having spent a lot of time in Westhoughton with her partner, Roberta fell in love with the area. The open spaces at Central Park and Hall Lee Bank Park and Nature Reserve were ideal for Tokyo, while its location, with Manchester City Centre just half an hour away by car and train, meant that Roberta could easily pop back into the city when needed. Though not in a city centre, Westhoughton is a vibrant place with plenty going on, and that was exactly what Roberta was looking for. 

Seven months into the house hunt, Roberta came across Northstone. The homes immediately struck her as a place she would love to live, and she booked an appointment with our senior sales manager, Anita. Impressed by the size of the house, as well as the price, she knew that Silkash was somewhere she could see herself and Tokyo settling into quickly. After one viewing, she reserved her plot, a two-bedroom six51. 

So, Roberta had found her home, all that was left was for it to be built! Getting involved from the early stages meant she was able to make key decisions on the home to suit her and Tokyo. This included full design of the kitchen, flooring, as well as the bathroom colours. 

In March 2021, Roberta and Tokyo got the keys to their new home. Roberta has loved getting to know the local area, and Tokyo is delighted to have a big garden to run around in. They’ve met their neighbours, and have become an incredibly valued part of the Silkash neighbourhood. 

Talking about her experience, Roberta said: “From my first visit I instantly fell in love with Silkash. Not only were the houses designed to such a high standard, the local area was just what I was looking for. As a first-time house buyer, I never imagined the process could be so easy. Every interaction with the Northstone team has been brilliant. They answered every question so helpfully, and the design team were amazing in helping my dream become a reality. Tokyo and I love our new home and can’t wait to meet even more of our neighbours!”