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Smart, energy-efficient homes powered by Wondrwall

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August 11, 2020

As a northern-based company, it’s always great to work with other local businesses and we’re pleased to be teaming up with Manchester’s Wondrwall to fit intelligent living technology in all 150 homes at our Silkash development in Westhoughton.

But what exactly is Wondrwall, what does it do and how will it help our homeowners?

Wondrwall’s Shannon Johnstone shares his knowledge with us.

  • Tell us more about Wondrwall

Wondrwall is a pioneering intelligent full home automation system that makes your home adapt to your needs and desires – automatically controlling heating, lighting, security and safety, with voice control technology to override any of our adjustments at any time. The Wondrwall home learns and works around you, observing how you actually live, which rooms you spend the most times in and how you use heating and lighting. In doing so, Wondrwall seamlessly and intelligently supports and enhances your living environment without your input.

  • How will it help Northstone homeowners to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon usage?

Wondrwall knows how long it will take your home to reach ideal temperature at different times of the day ensuring there isn’t a moment of discomfort. Intelligently identifying your temperature preferences from past behaviour enables Wondrwall to wake you to just the right temperature in the morning while timing your heating to avoid wasting energy.

Wondrwall’s intelligence enables it to make real-time adjustments to usual routines. This means if you’re delayed on your route home from work or going out for dinner, Wondrwall will pick up on this and pause the heating until you are back on track, saving you the costs associated with heating an empty home.

  • How much energy do you expect the Wondrwall system will save and how much cheaper will it make residents’ fuel bills?

According to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, smart heating systems like Wondrwall can reduce energy consumption and costs by up to 31% by not heating empty homes. As everyone lives differently, they leave and get home at different times and they have different temperature preferences, savings vary but we see that the most homes achieve a 20% reduction. However you live, the Wondrwall system will learn your patterns and preferences and optimise the heating to automatically to give you the greatest possible benefits.

  • How quickly will Wondrwall adapt to my daily routines?

The longer you use Wondrwall, the more it learns and the better it is able to optimally control your home. Typically, it needs two weeks to start to learn your patterns but will keep learning as long as you use it and will continue to improve over time.

  • Do I have to be tech savvy to know how to use it?

The technology in Wondrwall has been carefully designed to make your home intelligent, not more complicated and improve your comfort and make your home a better, safer, more environmentally friendly place.

The beauty of Wondrwall is that it will do everything for you. Of course, you can override the Wondrwall settings at any time via the app or by voice. Wondrwall will learn from this and continue to improve how it looks after you.

  • How does it compare to other smart living systems on the market?

When we setup Wondrwall, we looked at other smart systems on the market. Our opinion was that they were not really smart at all as they were “control your home from your phone”. So instead of changing your heating using the thermostat, you would use an app instead. While fun, it did not really add any value or benefit to the occupants of the home. We wanted Wondrwall to have a brain and the intelligence to control itself and designed it accordingly.

The other point was most other systems are not integrated. You have a smart thermostat, or smart speaker, smart lighting and so on. But they do not work together. Wondrwall was designed to be a single integrated system that controls all the functions of the home.

  • What’s your favourite Wondrwall feature?

The ability to control all the functions of the home through a light switch. It is something so simple but delivers so much functionality. Instead of lots of bits of plastic all over the home that just don’t look nice, all you really see is the Wondrwall light switches that make the home look and perform better.


More about Shannon

I work in the sales group at Wondrwall as the Senior Account Manager. I do not think of myself as selling though, rather I provide a solution for people to have better homes that are more energy efficient, safer, more secure, more comfortable, more fun. I’ve been here six months now but having a great time. The response from customers has been just amazing.