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The benefits of choosing a new-build home

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July 05, 2021

When searching for the perfect home, there are so many options to consider, but one of the first things you will need to decide is whether to opt for a new build or existing home. Here we look at the benefits of a new-build home, and why it could be the best option for you.

A blank canvas

Unlike a second-hand property, with a new build you get to have a say on all those details that make a house a home before you even move in. From choosing your plot, to determining the layout, fixtures and fittings, your housebuilder will work with you and your budget to develop a home that works for your lifestyle from day one.

At Northstone, our team will work closely with you to decide your personal choices. Whether it’s smaller details like the colour of your kitchen cabinets, or more significant layout choices, like deciding whether you want your living room at the front or back of the house, we’ll help guide you along the way to make sure it feels like your home the moment you get the keys. 

Saving you money, protecting the environment

Due to modern standards for energy efficiency, new build homes not only tend to have lower monthly energy bills, but also a much smaller impact on the environment in the long run. Although second-hand homes can be retrofitted with energy saving elements, these are embedded into a new build from the outset, making it less costly and more effective. 

At Northstone, it’s not just about creating energy efficient homes, but looking for opportunities across the build process to limit our impact on the environment. Our ’Commitment to Connecting Communities with Nature’ ensures that all our developments work to improve the natural and capital assets of the area.

Built with the future in mind

Technology can really help to make our day to day lives easier, and your home should do the same. Having the right technology in the home means easy-to-use gadgets and tools that help you to live simply.

All Northstone homes can be fully automated, working to give you and your loved ones more time to focus on what’s important. Smart burglar alarms and smoke alarms are fitted to keep you safe, automatic lights save you money and energy, Sonos sound systems can set the mood and Amazon Alexa lets you control it all with your voice. We only use the best technology, intended to serve you long into the future.

Quality guaranteed

Most new homes are covered by the National Housing Building Council’s (NHBC) Buildmark. This provides warranty and insurance protection to newly built or converted homes for up to 10 years.

For the first two years we’ll provide the initial warranty, and agree to repair defects that are not general wear and tear or maintenance issues. Appliances are guaranteed separately by the supplier. 

The next eight years insurance protection are provided by NHBC and more info can be found here.

No chain, no pain

When buying a second-hand home you can often be part of a chain, relying on the previous residents to move out of your new home before you can move in. The great thing about a new build is that you will be the first owner of your beautiful new home, meaning you’re not working to anyone else’s timeline and can move in as soon as your home is complete!

Help to Buy

Another huge benefit to buying a new build is accessing the government’s Help to Buy scheme. Only available to first time buyers purchasing a new build, this scheme offers the chance to get on the property ladder. You can borrow up to 20 per cent of the cost of your new-build (40 per cent if you want to buy in London), and this amount is interest free for five years. It also means you’ll only need to save five per cent of the purchase price as a deposit – just half of the ten per cent typically required! In the North West, the maximum price to still qualify for Help to Buy is £224,000.

Our friendly sales team are always on hand to answer any questions about the nitty-gritty of every stage of the house-buying process, including Help to Buy. 

Did you know: Unlike many new build homes, all our homes are freehold. with no ground rent. We only have a small estate charge which goes towards the upkeep of landscaping, communal gardens and signage.

If you’re thinking of buying a Northstone home across any of our locations, our sales team would be delighted to give you a tour of one of our show homes and answer your questions.

Get in touch by calling 0161 629 8220 or emailing