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Thoughtful design and family focused living

Our spaces, homes and places are different. We use simple and intuitive Scandinavian design principles centred on creating the feelings of contentment, wellness and comfort. Our homes are creative, thoughtfully designed and cater for contemporary living.

We focus on bringing exceptional places to life with well-considered homes, as we believe that when people have both, they and their communities will flourish for generations.

We understand the traditional principles of home building. By elevating these we’re able to create homes that work for the needs of modern families. Walking into our homes, around our streets and through our green spaces you’ll find exclusive designs and unique features.

Our developments offer much more breathing space between homes than conventional designs, to reduce neighbourhood traffic speeds and limit on-road parking, as well as increasing public spaces, connectivity and community links.

Inside our homes

Natural light floods into our homes due to their higher ceilings and larger energy-efficient windows. We understand the demands of modern living and the desire to have your own personal space and sanctuary.

All our homes have flexible open-plan living as standard, that promise easy and affordable layout changes to create more private spaces and personal design features to make your home your own.

Our levels of storage means all of our homes promise spacious living, easing the pressures on growing families. Internal space is also enhanced through the use of our innovative garden stores (our 'Huts') rather than under-used garages, while our unique 'Lootilities' bring together a downstairs toilet and utility room to maximise the use of under-stair and hallway space.

Outside our homes

Our passion for living flows from inside our homes and extends to the world outside. We want the outside of all of our homes to be eye-catching and engaging natural spaces.

All of our place designs embrace natural land features and encourage outdoor enjoyment. Our focus is on reducing traffic speeds for a safer outside space for children and families to play, as well as more public spaces and community footpath links.

Innovation and Efficiency

We pride ourselves on being responsible. All of our home designs maximise comfort and increase feelings of contentment in your own space, but we’ve also used smart thinking, materials and tech to help reduce the environmental impact of our work.

We’re also doing our bit to protect and benefit the environment wherever possible.

Our homes will be built to a waste-limiting building spec and will include intelligent heating systems, insulation and energy-efficient windows and doors, while our thermal standards exceed current regulations.

Our commitment to the local community

We’re working alongside local communities surrounding our developments. We’ll be using a local workforce, suppliers and materials where possible, as well as partnering with local training and education institutes to recruit from and to support apprenticeship schemes.

Our Innovative home designs, quality materials, smart tech, and energy-efficiency will ensure an accessible purchase price and offer manageable ongoing running costs.

It’s our aim to make our places, homes and spaces unique to their settings, as well as ensuring our developments can be built at scale, cost-effectively and sustainably to meet local housing needs as quickly as possible.